Speed up and simplify daily PA maintenance and development tasks. Lower the chance of making mistakes and leaving omissions. Intensify the usage of PA by removing the workload and complexity involved in many day-to-day tasks.

Tools require additional access to the PA tables


Clicking on the Toolbox tile in the PA Accelerator start page will take you to a UI page that allows you to select the individual tools that are available:

  • Add Indicator Targets

  • Limit Indicator Time Series

Add Indicator Targets

This tool will help you significantly speed up the definition and management of indicator targets. When setting a target for an indicator, a number of things have to be taken into account: Is the target an overall target or a target per breakdown or even breakdown element? Is the target linked to a time series, what is the target start date?

Depending on the outcome of the arguments mentioned above, potentially a large number of targets will have to be manually defined (one by one) and maintained over time.

The Indicator Targets tool allows you to initially set and later modify all targets for all required breakdowns, breakdown elements and or time series in one go. With target start dates where required and for one or multiple indicators at the same time. This can save a lot of time and can make it much easier to decide to actually start using targets at the lowest level of granularity.

Limit Indicator Time Series

When creating an indicator, especially when creating a formula indicator, it is important to think about the time series that the users that will consume the indicator can choose from. By default, many time series are not applicable to a formula indicator but are available for selection. This can lead to incorrect values being shown in a dashboard (e.g. 7 day running average in combination with average duration). Furthermore, time series exist for both standard calendars and fiscal calendars that are normally not used simultaneously for a specific indicator.

In a standard PA environment, you will have to manually set exclusions for all non-applicable time series for each indicator. The Indicator Time Series tool lets you select and exclude (or include) all unwanted and non-applicable time series in one go. For one or multiple indicators at the same time.

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