The Quality Overview dashboard provides end-to-end insight in the quality of your Performance Analytics landscape. The dashboard provides tabs per quality focus area as well as an overall quality index tab that rolls up the underlying quality scores into an overall quality index. Furthermore, the process that governs the quality management of PA is measured and visualized in this dashboard.

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There following dashboards are included with the PA Accelerator application:

  • TCP PA Accelerator - Summary

    • Contains a sub set of the tabs and information found in the detailed Dashboard.

    • These tabs include the Overview, Quality Manager Results, Orphaned Content, PA Dashboard Usage, Performance and the Documentation.

  • TCP PA Accelerator - Detailed

    • Contains everything in the Summary Dashboard with some additional tabs.

    • The additional tabs are Quality Manager Details, Content Growth, and PA Dashboard Adoption.


The following areas are covered by the dashboard:

  • Overall Overview: Provides overall indexed numbers of all the underlying areas

  • Quality Manager Results: Contains KPIs that measure the performance of the PA quality governance processes.

  • Quality Manager Details: Provides further details on the KPIs shown on the previous tab.

  • Orphaned Content: provides insight in the development over time of PA orphaned content (content that is present, but not used in or by any active PA element)

  • Content Growth: Provides insight in the growth of newly created PA indicators, widgets and dashboard over time

  • PA Dashboard Usage: Provides insight in the usage of PA dashboards and widgets in your instance

  • Dashboard Adoption: Provides insight into the extent to which newly created PA dashboards are shared with other groups and users in your instance

  • Performance: Provides insight in the performance of collection jobs, widgets and dashboards

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