Configuring the application

Loading dashboard data

On initial installation, the QM Historic data collection job needs to be run to populate the dashboards.

Once in Jobs under the Data Collector module in Performance Analytics, select QM Historic.

Run the job as System Administrator for 6 months as shown below and hit Execute Now.

You can also have it collect farther back by changing Relative Start to a year ago or set it as desired. Next, make sure the Daily Collection Job is set to Active.

You can also set when you want this Daily Job to run. Running this off hours is recommended.

Setting application access

The PA Accelerator Toolbox requires access to the Performance Analytics tables.

The three tables that need to be accessed are pa_targets, pa_target_values, pa_indicator_aggregate_excl.

Select the table you want to modify.

Under Application Access, enable permissions to create, write and delete for all application scopes.

Repeat this process for the other tables.

Setting target resolution time

Go to Tables and locate x_wean_westbury_hc_probeseverity.

Under the Related Links, select Show List.

Select the Severity type you would like to adjust the Target Resolution Date for.

Enter the value desired in the Resolution Duration (Days) field.

Keep in mind, the Resolution Target Date will be this Value added to the Creation Date for any result.

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