Quality Manager

Quality manager provides detailed insight in the quality of your Performance Analytics environment. Quickly analyse your overall quality or focus your attention on individual Dashboards, widgets and indicators. Directly link to the elements that are faulty or can be otherwise improved and fix the issues straight away. Monitor the development of new dashboards to see where work is not finished or mistakes have been made.


Selecting the Quality Manager tile on the PA Accelerator start page will take you to the Quality Manager page. This page is split into two parts. The top part shows a pre-defined dashboard with widgets that show an overall overview of PA’s health state. The bottom part of the page contains the Quality Manager projects that have been defined. From here you can go to the project results, open the project definition form or view a project specific dashboard.

Project Definition

The Project Definition form allows you to create and edit projects. New projects can be created by clicking on the New Project button in the Quality Manager page. Existing projects can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon on each existing project tile.

Projects are created with the purpose of checking the health of a specific set of PA elements such as a dashboard and all the PA content on that dashboard, but it is also possible to create an overall project that checks the health of every PA element included in Quality Manager. Projects are saved for easy future access.

A good use case for a project is the definition and creation of a new PA dashboard. Throughout the development cycle of the dashboard, the project can be reviewed and any issues can be addressed straight away.

Creating a new project

After clicking on the New Project button, you need to supply a name for the new project. Click on Save to save the new project with this name.

Project details

This will take you to the Project details page. Here, a description can be supplied for the dashboard and the included element selection can be made.

The Scheduled checkbox will include the project in the daily collection job.

This function in the daily collection job will only run the project of the parameter used (sys_id).

Scope options

The available Scope options are:

  • Include all platform elements

    • This will do a complete check of all PA elements. Best used to establish a baseline after the installation of Quality Manager.

  • Dashboards

    • Allows you to select one or more specific dashboards to include in the check. The check will include all PA elements that are related to the selected dashboard(s).

  • Widgets

    • Allows you to select one or more specific widgets to include in the check. The check will include all PA elements that are related to the selected widget(s).

  • Indicators

    • Allows you to select one or more specific Indicators to include in the check. The check will include all PA elements that are related to the selected Indicators(s).

  • KPI Composer

    • This scope option is available only if the KPI Composer application is installed in the instance. When available a KPI Composer project can be selected. The check will include all PA elements that are related to the selected KPI Composer project.

The available options are mutually exclusive; you can only select one type of included element per project or include all elements.

Check options

Lastly, you can select which checks should be included in the project. You can either choose the Run All Checks option to include all available checks, or you can select a subset of the available checks. This allows you to, e.g., only include errors in the results and exclude warnings and best practices. Any desired combination of checks is possible.

Quality Manager Project Results

By clicking on the Show Results link on a project tile, the project results page for the selected project is opened. This page is comprised of four tabs. An All tab that shows all the health check results on one page, followed by an Indicator details, Widget Details and Dashboard Details tab that filters the results per entity type.

From the results page, the details of each result can be reviewed and the element included in the result can directly be opened with the purpose of investigating and/or fixing the issue found by the health check.

Result fields

The following attributes are available for an individual result:

  • Check

    • Shows the name of the check that was carried out and led to the opened result

  • Project

    • Shows the name of the Project that includes the opened result

  • Status

    • Shows the status of the opened result. Use to clarify in which phase the investigation/solution is. This field can also be used to exclude a specific result from the list because it is not regarded an actual issue or it should simple be ignored. For this purpose, set the status of the result to “Ignore”.

  • Description

    • Describes the characteristics of the health check that produced the opened result

  • Severity

    • Shows the type of result the health check produced. Used to categorize the results

  • Main Element

    • Shows the element that was selected as the subject to be included in the health check.

  • Sub Element

    • When applicable, shows the element related to the Main Element that lead to the result. For example, the Main Element is an actively formula indicator and the sub element is an automated indicator that is not included in any collection job.

  • Note

    • A free form text field

  • Resolved

    • Date field that is filled automatically as soon as the Resolved status is set in a result

  • Closed

    • Date field that is filled automatically as soon as the Closed status is set in a result

  • Opened

    • The creation date of the result

  • Resolution Target Date

    • Date field that can be set manually to the desired resolution date or that is set automatically when a target resolution duration has been linked to the Severity of the result.

Please note that when an issue is resolved and the health check is rerun, the result will disappear from the list because it is no longer an error, warning or best practice result.

Quality Manager Project Dashboard

A pre-defined project specific dashboard is available for each project. These dashboard can be viewed by clicking on the individual project tiles. The dashboard provides more detailed insight in the state of an individual project and it’s development over time. You can also directly jump to the open errors for the selected project from here.

Quality Manager Project Tabs

All: This will display all projects.

With issues: This will only display projects that contain open issues.

Favorites: This will display all of your Favorited (Star Icon) projects.

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